I Did Nothing Wrong
                       Video for duo "Half Nelson"
                       Scott Nelson/Billy Barber-lead vocals
                       Directed and edited by Billy Barber


 Save the Honeybee
                           Video for duo Half Nelson
                      Shot by Carolina Meñdez Sampayo
                         Bee Activist- Lilah Schreeve
                     Directed and edited by Billy Barber


A Change in the Program
                                       Short Film
                       Grace Barber- recital student
                Written and directed by Billy Barber
                         Shot by Alanna Gladstone
                     and Carolina Meñdez Sampayo

Hercules In Paradise
                                  Short Film
                Written and directed by Billy Barber

                       Shot by Aksel Stasny
                            Audio by Chin Yu
                  Sound mix by Gary Deinstadt


    To Be Here
      Spec video for 2016 Olympics
      Song, vocal and video edit by Billy Barber